Thursday, February 13, 2014

House Tour: Laundry Nook

A few weeks ago I shared with you the floor plan of our house.  My plan is to work my way through sharing my home.  Not only to show you, but also to put out into the universe what I would like to accomplish in these spaces.  Once it's out there I'm hoping that it is motivation to actually get it done.  I have thought about what I would like to do to 'finish' (is it ever really finished?) these spaces countless times over the last several years, now to put it into action!

First up is our Laundry Nook.  I wish desperately that I could say our laundry room, but no that is not the case.  It is simply a nook.  You are going to have to live with my 'before' description, because I do not have photo evidence.  I believe at one time it was a closet, but when I purchased the home their were no doors.  There were appliances original to the house and a wire shelf all the way across that was hanging onto the wall by a thread.  And this is where we are today. . .

There were three appliances I replaced right off the bat; the fridge and the washer and dryer.  I found these at a Sears Outlet that is not too far from us.  This nice thing is they carry a lot of overstock items, or pieces that have a slight dent or ding, for a discounted price.  They are a Kenmore Elite set and the washer was brand new in the box, just overstock and the dryer has a small dent on the bottom that isn't too noticeable.  I bought them in 2008 and have had no problems, if fact I've been quite happy with them.

It's amazing how a few little updates can make such a big impact.  I took out the single wire shelf going across.  Covered the walls with a fresh coat of paint.  In place of the wire shelf I hung a cabinet where I store my cleaning supplies and two floating shelves.  I use the floating shelves to store the laundry essentials, cat food, and cleaning rags.

I trimmed out the opening of the laundry nook to create more definition of the space.  I just added 1'x6'' to the inside edge, then made sure the molding around the outside matched what was used throughout the rest of the house.  Caulked and painted and instant upgrade.

The previous owners must have had left over bead board from the dining room, so they made the ceiling look nice and finished.  Can't say I mind.

The laundry nook is located in the hallway right outside the office.  You can kind of see in the picture below, the laundry nook is on the left and the door to the office is that sliver of white in the front on the right.  You can follow along with my office makeover here is Part 1, Part 2, and some DIY art.

 I'm pretty happy with how this space has come together with a few simple upgrades.  What's left?  I would like to add some sort of storage/area for hang drying clothes either at the end of the hall or under the pictures.  I also would like to add some sort of laundry art or sign to designate the area.  That is really all for added decor.

Cosmetically there is this little issue on the ceiling.

I don't know how much you can tell in the picture, but there is what appears to be a water spot and crackling in the paint.  When I was having the inspection done on the house he suggested that perhaps the previous owners had something like a fish tank spill on the second floor causing this to happen since there are no water pipes located in this part of the house.  I thought it seemed possible, but I was worried that it was something more then that.  Well I have lived in the house for 5 years, and nothing has changed.  The spot has not appeared to have gotten worse or in fact done anything.  Except not fix itself, obviously.  So it is probably about time we got down to refinishing that area of the ceiling.  Oh and of course I want to add crown molding to the entire lower floor, so that will impact the hallway that the laundry nook lives in.

So just a few projects and I will have this area checked off.  When I get to those few small projects is another story, it all just depends on where it ranks on my priority list.  Which I'm not sure how high that is right now!  Thanks for checking out my home.  I know I started with the most exciting part, not so much!


  1. Oh, what a beautiful place to do laundry in! I love that blue paint color. I always turn a little green with envy when I see a pretty laundry room or "nook." ;) My washer and dryer live in the utility room with the furnace, the freezer, the water heater... and the walls are either unfinished or cinder block. So depressing, haha.

  2. Thanks Claire! Could you paint the cinder block a fun color, or is that not possible? Just an idea!

  3. Definitely go for the fun light color! It will make you smile every time you go in there!

  4. I actually have a DIY paint project pinned that involves painting cinder blocks to look like a stone wall... but a fun, light color would probably be a better idea because there is no natural light in that room at all. :)