Thursday, February 20, 2014

House Tour: Guest Bedroom

Welcome to another installment of my house tour, the before.  If you haven't been following along we started with the floor plans, then we visited my laundry nook, and most recently I shared the paint colors used throughout my home.

The next room we visit on the tour is our guest bedroom.  This room is primarily used for cat naps and place to hang dry laundry, since it is right around the corner from the laundry nook.   It is also a gathering place for bulk items and odds and ends, and occasionally it hosts guests.

Again I apologize for lack of before pictures, but I really haven't done too much to this room besides a coat of paint.  So really you are still seeing it in it's before stages.

The guest bedroom has become the land of leftovers.  My husbands old bed, my old duvet, nightstands from my apartment, etc.  There is nothing wrong with that, and luckily they all work pretty well together.  But there are still things left to do to unify the space.

My task list for this room:
  • Raise the right nightstand, you can see in the pictures above it is significantly lower than the one on the left.  I think it looks funky.
  • New lampshades for the lamps in the room.
  • Figure what to do on that big space of open wall above the bed.  Plank wall?
  • Get a rug for under the end of the bed to ground and pull the space together.
  • Fix the mirror on the dresser so it doesn't always flip in, if the dresser stays - not sure on that one yet.
  • Hang the second set of curtains I have for this room.  You can't really tell in the pictures above, but I only ever got to ironing and hanging one set for the two windows.  Each window has a panel framing it from the outside.
  • Hang crown molding.
And finally the biggest eye sore in the entire room.

Those closet doors.  I hate them.  They are the only doors in the house that aren't six panel doors.  I am guessing that these are original to the house and that the previous owners replaced all the other doors, except for some reason these.  You can tell that they are oak bi fold doors painted white, and if you look closely the knobs are white ceramic with a yellow gingham print.  Usually these doors stay open because I think it is less of an eye sore then these doors.  Needless to say these doors are going.  Somehow they have survived for the several years I have lived in this house, but not for much longer!

Thank you for joining me on this edition of the house tour.  Any ideas for the blank wall space above the bed?  I'd love to hear them!

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