Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finding Elegance: Decrapification Chapter 1

I have a secret confession, I really want all of my closest to be super organized,  like how I imagine all of Martha Stewart's closets to look.  Everything pretty and in place with labels, I think that would be awesome.  I have been on this mission to purge the extra crap that I don't need, Mission: Decrapification (my spell check tells me this is not a word, I disagree).  Some how I just keep acquiring more and more stuff, but I feel like I never stop getting rid of things.  Someday I have to catch up, right?

Chapter 1 starts under the bathroom sink.  I had two motivating factors.  The first being the current conditions under the sink.

Please tell me yours has looked like this too?  You can see I had made some organizational attempts.  The baskets just were not cutting it.  The over the door basket is newer, and that has plans to stay.  The second motivating factor was this.

A few organizers I picked up a few weeks ago at Home Goods.  They have been sitting right there, in front of my landing since I brought them home a few weeks ago, and I was sick of them sitting there.  Time to get on it already!

I started with emptying everything out of the cabinet.  Sorting like things together, and purging anything that I did not use anymore or couldn't remember when I had bought it, aka too old to be using.

Then I wiped everything down and had a nice clean slate.

I was going to start loading things back inside, but I remember some left over shelf paper I had from when I redid the big cabinet in my office.  I figured it would add a little pretty and keep it easy to wipe down in case of any spills.

So much better already.  Now just to put things back together.  The over the door hanging basket was staying.  Since that was oil rubbed bronze, when I came across some matching baskets/drawers at Home Goods I scooped them up.  Not without some hesitation though.  I have been searching for ever for something that would truly maximize this space under the sink.  Most everything either seems to little, or ends up being like a half inch too wide.  These containers were on the smaller side, and what seemed pricey to me for storage containers.  But I justified them, if it made my life easier and more organized it would be worth spending a little more on them, right?  And by pricier, and spending more I mean more then the few bucks that were invested on the previous containers that had been living below my sinks since, umm. . .college?

The medium drawer was $12.99, and the large drawer $14.99.  Under $30 for the whole cabinet is not bad, and I figured I could always return them if they didn't work.

I loaded everything that was staying back in, with room to spare!  I initially was going to store all my hair appliances on the top rack, thinking it would be easier to just reach in and grab since I use them on a daily basis.  It turned out most of my products were too tall for even the large bottom drawer, so I just did a little reverse of plans.  Everything is nicely tucked away, except for my too tall can of hairspray.  I'm thinking I'm going to add one more basket/tray in the empty area to store my makeup bag that currently spends most of its time on the bathroom counter.  I love having extra space and not feeling like I'm full to the brim with no extra place to put stuff.

And for a final before and after comparison.

So much better!  Are you on mission: decrapification?  If so, what areas have you tackled lately?


  1. I love that shelf paper! I have reorganized our bathroom closet at least three times since we moved here in 2011. The first time was pretty major, but since then it has just been a matter of a little rearranging/getting rid of stuff as needed. Baskets definitely help! I have ours labelled so that everyone can find things easily... it's not quite Martha Stewart, but it's very functional. :)

  2. I'm hopping I am now in the phase of needing just a little rearranging. Labels would definitely help, I will have to add them!