Monday, February 10, 2014

Bringing Elegance to the Office: DIY Art

There is progress being made in the office.  Slowly, which I probably should have warned you of when I shared Part 1 and Part 2 of the office makeover, but still progress!

The bones of the room are there.  The new flooring has been laid, the walls painted, and all major pieces of furniture bought and assembled.  Now it is down to the finishing details, which always seem to take me forever.  Being decisive is not one of my strong qualities.

Today I thought I would share some art I attempted to DIY for the large empty wall space that was left above my Ikea Norden Occasional Table.  I don't know that I am sold on the result, but it's up for now.  I actually think I like it more in the pictures then I do in person.

Here is the space I started with . . .

I stopped by Michael's to pick up my supplies.  I spent around $20 for everything.   The 2 packs of canvas were buy one get one free and I was also able to use a 40% off regular price item coupon and 20% off entire transaction.  I know I have mentioned before for online purchases, but they have an app as well.  I have it downloaded on my phone and it has all coupons for major retailers that are currently available.  It makes it so easy because you don't have to remember to bring coupons with you, which I hardly ever remember to do.  For this project I just picked up 2, 2 packs of 16'' x 20'' canvas, some acrylic paint and a flat brush.

I am really liking the ombre trend and I thought it shouldn't be too difficult to create some easy ombre paintings.  I just picked pink as my base color and then I had white to create the different hues of the color.  I attempted two different methods.

The first, I started with the pink on the bottom 1/4 of the canvas.  Then on a paper plate I mixed in a little white for the next 1/4 of the canvas, then a little more white for the next 1/4 and so on.

The second, I did all the mixing on the canvas.  I started the same way, but this time taking the pink about 1/3 of the way up the canvas.  Then I put white directly onto the canvas blending it into the pink.  As I worked my way to the top I used less pink and more white.

After trying the two different methods I decided I liked the look of the first method better, and repeated that for the third canvas.  In the end they do not look all that different from each other.  I like the pop of color they bring into the room.  I know on my original plan everything was very serene and white and gray.  But I decided to go with a pop of pink and I'm glad I did.

Like I mentioned before, I am not completely in love with it.  But I don't hate it.  I am on the look out for some prints I could use there instead, but I am glad I have something there for now.  It was an easy and fun project, we'll see what happens to them!

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