Friday, January 24, 2014

My Friday Five

Of the blogs I read one of the things I always find myself looking forward to are the Friday lists.  Five little memories from the week.  A chance to pause and be grateful and thankful for the things that brighten your days, big or small.  To my first Friday Five!

1.  I started a blog!. . .!!!  This has been a thought for years, and I am so excited that I have finally just gone ahead and done it!

2.  There is something about gold polka dots, I love them.  Every time I look over and see them in the lining of my bag it makes me happy.

3.  I have been a little under the weather this week and I came home to this note from my husband after work on Tuesday.

4.  Chai Tea Lattes, how have I not discovered these before?  I finally tried them this week and am hooked.  Thank goodness I have already learned to make my own, but Starbucks always seems to taste way better.

5.  Seat Warmers.  This is the first winter I own a car with seat warmers, which makes the night time drives home from work (that have been in the negative digits more often than I care to remember this winter) a little more bearable.

Here is to week 1 of blogging, have a good weekend!

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