Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bringing Elegance to the Office: Part 1

I have a few rooms that are line to be overhauled.  I got started on one before the holidays so I wanted to first share my vision for the room and then I will catch up to real time progress.

I have this room, I call it my office.  I'm not exactly sure why I call it that, except for that is what we have always called any room who's sole function is to house a computer and a desk.  I want to call this room my craft room, but I have never actually done any crafts in it.  I always end up on the dining room table or somewhere else.  Mainly because this room of mine has been such a disaster area that there hasn't been anywhere to do crafts.

My vision for this room is that it will become a catch all room for me.  A room where I can blog, sew, and craft.  A place that has ample storage for all the little things that come along with each of those activities, where everything can be tucked away and easy to find.  A room that looks clean and organized and fresh when you glance in.  I secretly long to have all my rooms and closets organized in a way that I imagine Martha Stewart has all of hers done.
Thanks to Jen at I Heart Organizing and her tutorial on using Oliobard I made my first design board!

This encompasses the big ideas of the room, except for one big storage piece that I have made over.  You will just have to wait till later for that one.

  1. Office Chair : I wanted something that would be comfortable to sit in, not leather (the cats destroyed the last traditional office chair that we had with their nails), no wheels, and can be tweaked.  I haven't decided if I'm leaving it as is or not.  The nice thing is the slip covers for these Ikea chairs are only $4 so if I decide to dye it and it goes wrong it is not that big of deal.
  2. Desk : I needed something with a smaller footprint, as this room is only 10x10 and the desk that I had before felt like it took up half the room.  I wanted to make sure it still had decent surface area so it didn't feel too cramped if I was using the sewing machine.
  3. Walls : The paint color is Irish Mist by Behr.  I have been obsessed with gray lately, which didn't make this decision hard.  Initially I was going to stick with the original color I painted this room when we first bought the house which was a light yellow.  I even had put of a few swatches of new yellows.  One day I was standing in the doorway to the office where I had a glimpse of the office, the hallway, the guest bedroom and the downstairs bath and it was just too many colors going on.  Time to simplify.  Irish Mist one because it was the same family as the other grays I have used in my house, just a few swatches up.
  4. Curtains : These panels from Ikea have been already hanging in the room for years.  The only problem is that they were originally hemmed horribly uneven, and with many washings throughout the years have shrunken terribly.  I plan to keep the curtains but add a panel of decorative fabric along the bottoms.
  5. Occasional Table : This table is the perfect way to add additional storage, without taking up too much space.  It has a very narrow footprint, but two shelves for baskets and three drawers for smaller storage.
  6. Baskets : I have a couple of these baskets that I have collected from TJ Maxx and Marshall's on different occasions.  Two of them are already filled, and I have two more to grow into.
  7. Flooring : This is what motivated this room makeover, to get rid of the carpeting that the cats had decided shouldn't be in this room at all.  This solution was neutral, durable, and cost effective.
  8. Art : I have a print very similar to this one.  Is it one of the first pieces of art I bought myself, I believe I bought it in college.  It is currently living in my attic, but with a new frame will work perfectly in this space.
  9. Rug : Initially I wanted to bring color into the room through the rug.  I wanted something bright and bold, but I could just not find something I was falling in love with.  So I went neutral with this one, and when it arrived I loved it.
I can't wait to see how this space comes together.  Maybe once it does I will finally figure out what this room should be called!

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