Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rose | 4 Months

So I promised myself I would get Rose's 4 month update done before she turned 5 months old. . . which is in 5 days, oops.  It's amazing how each day passes so darn quick, but I'm loving each and every one of them!

This little munchkin turned 4 months old on December 18th, but due to the holidays we weren't able to get in for her 4 month check up until December 30th, so we had to wait a bit for our stats.  Our little girl clocked in at 14lb 12 oz and measured in at 25.5'', she seems so big to me now!

Rose is still a champion breast feeder, and completely anti bottle.  At this point I've kinda given up hope that we are going to ever get her to take a bottle, but it's not really the end of the world.  I love my one on one time I get to spend with her while she's feeding.

She's still been a great night sleeper.  Though we traveled to my parents house for Thanksgiving, and that rocked her schedule for a few days.  She's been getting up progressively earlier it feels like, between 6 - 7 am, but I still can't really complain about that.  We've been calling her miss no naps, because this little girl will sleep during the day when she's moving around, or content in someones arms, and that's about it.  Going for a drive or a walk in the stroller is a sure way to get her to nap, but sometimes it still takes quite a while to get her to drift off.  Every time she appears drowsy, the minute she hits her cribs she is wide awake squirming and kicking and babbling away.

Month 4 brought Rose's first snowfall, her first Thanksgiving, and her first cookie day.  So many firsts.  She's also started giving her daddy a big smile when he gets home from work everyday.  She has mastered rolling from her tummy to her back, it's almost impossible to log in some decent tummy time because she is always rolling over.  But once she's on her back, it's like a turtle - she's happily content there, with no effort to turn back over.  It seems like she's right at the brink of giving us a full belly laugh, we get this huge smile and short little squeal - but that is all we can seem to get out of her at this point.

She still remains the most calm, content little baby.  She loves being around all the action and checking out everything going on around her.  We feel so lucky to be parents to this sweet little girl, and it's so exciting to see her grow and change day by day.

Bundled up for her first snowfall.

She was oblivious, but mom was excited.
Enjoying time with Grandma at Thanksgiving.
Make Shift baby bath and Grandma and Grandpa's.
Someone is starting to get jealous of the new kid in town getting all the attention.
Rose's first cookie day!
Still smiling and happy after a day of baking cookies.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rose | 3 Months

Hi. . . I have not completely forgotten about this blog, I promise.  My new life has just taken a little to adjust to, and I hope to get back to some more regular posts in the near future.  Until then my quest is to at least get my monthly baby updates done - mostly so I don't forget about these things that go by and change way too fast!

It feels a little funny to say my new life, but it seriously feels like a brand new life.  I knew that having a baby would completely change things - which it totally has.  But I don't think I was ever taking into consideration the other changes that would be coming a long with it, like work and relationship life.  I've been fortunate and lucky enough to be able to take on a new roll at my job that allows me the flexibility to be with Rose everyday, which I couldn't be happier about.  Instead of working up front with the students and teachers like I was, I'm now more on the back operational end of things.  I started back with my new roll when Rose was about 6 weeks old, and we've been getting into our groove.  I usually go into the studio a few days a week, the rest of the days I work from home.  It's been a little bit of a challenge figuring out how to work with my new assistant - but really I think I was more nervous about it then I needed to be.

Another added bonus is the fact that I actually get to see Martin everyday of the week.  We used to have completely opposite schedules, and were just like ships passing in the night.  Now we get to actually sit down and have dinner together everyday which is really nice.  We've been making a habit, starting this last month, to have dinner at the table every night - we used to be exceptionally guilty of plopping our butts on the couch and eating in front of the TV every night.  We put Rose in her chair at the table, and have a family dinner.

Speaking of Rose, my little munchkin is now 3 months old.  She is getting SO big.  I swear she felt like she packed on a few pounds just over night the other day.

There is no doctors appointment at month 3 so I don't have an official height/weight check in.  But we had a little impromptu doctors appointment half way through the month due to a not so pretty rash she ended up with on her face and she had already packed on a pound and a half since her 2 month check up.  The rash just ended up being cradle cap, which I had a feeling, thanks Google, but I wanted to make sure.  It cleared up in just a few days with some cream the doctor gave us.

A few highlights from month 3. . .

We switched from disposable to cloth diapers at the beginning of the month.  I was most definitely I little hesitant at first.  It was always the plan, in fact I had stocked up on them before she was even born, but had read that they work best once baby has grown a bit, so we waited for awhile.  The first few days I was not feeling it, but after about a week I got in the groove of using them - and now I totally love them.  We're using the Bumgenius 4.0, and since the switch we have had no major blow outs which is a major plus.

Rose had her first Halloween.  The costume was short lived, but she had it on long enough for me and my mom to snap some pictures.  It was so hard to find anything to fit her other the onesies, but you only have your first Halloween once so we needed a costume!

Rose has been loving her play mat.  She has become so much more interactive this month swing and grabbing the animals.  We also had our first roll this month.  The same day I took her into the doctors for the rash on her face she rolled from her front to her back, several times.  I was kinda surprised at first because we hadn't even come kinda close to rolling before, so I kept flipping her back over, and she kept rolling over.  The doctor said it was probably just an accident so I took her back home and put her back on her tummy and she did it again.  Now it's definitely an elective thing.  There is no rolling over on a consistent basis, but some day's she'll go for it and others not so much.

She's still a great sleeper, though lately she's been so noisy around 5 am.  We are still going strong with breastfeeding, and have yet to successfully have daddy give her a whole bottle.  She has no idea was to do with a pacifier.  She loves her bath, but isn't too fond of the time it takes for us to try her off and get her in her jammies.  She's a cat napper during the day, anything past 45 minutes is way out of the ordinary.  She loves being out and about.  She is officially now in pretty much all 3 - 6 month clothes.  She can babble up a storm, and is so close to getting a giggle in there - which we are so looking forward to hearing!  We are loving our little girl more and more everyday!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Rose | 2 Months

This little girl turned 2 months old a week ago . . . time flies, and I'm already getting behind on keeping up to date with her little updates!  It's crazy how it seems like she's been with us for so much longer than 2 months, in the best way possible.  She's just changed so much that it feels like she's been around for a whole lot longer.

She has continued to be the sweetest little baby, looking a whole lot like her daddy right now.

She started sleeping through the night nearly a month ago - which I know we are so lucky that she's sleeping so good (knock on wood).  I can feed her and put her down for bed around 8:30 pm and she'll sleep until around 7:30 am the next morning, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more, but it seriously amazes me how lucky we got in that department.  This little girl must have known how much her momma likes her sleep, no not just likes her sleep - but needs her sleep!

We have been getting more and more smiles and coos from this little one, and we've finally been able to capture a few.

Rose went on her first road trip this last month, up to my parents house in Wisconsin.  It's only about a 2 hour trip, but she did great.  She slept the whole way there, and on the way back she got fed when we stopped for some food and she was good.  I was a little nervous about how she'd sleep in a different setting, but she did good and continued to sleep through the night.

She's still eating like a champ, 100% breast milk and  pretty much 100% from me.  She checked in at 23.5'' and 11 lb 2 oz. at her last appointment, steadily growing.  She had some more chubs at the beginning of the month, but she's getting taller and losing a little of her pudge, though she's still got some good baby leg rolls going on.  We haven't had too much success with a bottle.  She's eaten a little out of one here and there, though honestly we're probably not trying often enough.  I keep saying we need to do it more often, but then I just end up feeding her.

We've been going on a a good amount of walks while we still can.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we are loving our walks together.  She's always such a good baby when we go out and about, at least no major disasters yet.

And she has been getting stronger on her tummy, and lasting longer before getting pissed off and wanting to be flipped back over.  She does best when you put her in front of the little mirror on her play mat, but you definitely have to time tummy time right because if she's not in one of her more energetic states she will just lie there face planted into the floor - probably not too productive.

We were running errands this weekend and seeing all of the Christmas stuff start to show up in the stores is making me so excited for this little ones first holiday season!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Rose | 1 Month

Our sweet girl turned 1 month last Friday - and I seriously can't believe it!  She has already changed sooooo much over these last 4 weeks that she's been with us.  It totally feels like a completely different life now that she's in it, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Nicknames| Sweet girl, Munchkie (apparently that's my take on munchkin), girlfriend

Height & Weight| 9lbs 14 oz, and 22 inches long.  Girlfriend has packed on 2+ pounds since birth, which isn't surprising - she takes after her mom in that regard, she likes to eat!

Food| Right now she is getting 100% of that from me 100% of the time.  But I really can't complain, I love our time together.  The first few days were a little rough, but now we've settled into our groove.  If she's awake she's feeding about every 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  When Rose was about 1 week old I went to see the lactation consultant at the hospital just to make sure we were getting off to a good start and they we're blown away by how much she was already eating at that point.  I kept reading all these things that new moms have concerns with if their baby is getting enough to eat or not, and luckily that is not something I have to even worry about at this time, which is awesome because I was slightly fearful due to the fact that sometimes PCOS can inhibit milk production.

Sleep| This is one department where I am going to consider us extremely blessed.  Our little munchkin is not much of a napper during the day, usually she'll drift off for a bit late morning and maybe a bit here or there in the evening.  Usually if we are out for a walk she will eventually nod off.  But at night, she has truly been an angel baby.  The first few weeks home she was waking up about 2 times a night pretty consistently, and then we had a night where she slept for a 8 hour stretch, only getting up 1 time that night.  Right now we go between 1 and 2 feedings at night, but usually that first stretch of sleep is anywhere from 6-8 hours, and it's amazing!  I'll give her her last feeding between 8-9pm, and then (knock on wood) she goes down in her crib without a fuss and then she's out for a good stretch.

A few weeks before Rose was born I remember telling Martin that I was afraid I was being naive because I kept imagining everything once she got here as being easy and going smoothly and that I knew that in reality babies can be really challenging and hard at times.  But she has seriously been such a little angel.  She is so easy going and calm.  Of course we have our moments, but they have been few and far, and short lived.  We've been enjoying tons of walks with this beautiful weather we have been having, and are just soaking up our time together.  I know we are a bit biased, but she is the sweetest girl and we love her to pieces!

A rare daytime nap in her crib

Attempting to capture one of those sleepy smiles

Full of faces during our walk the other day

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

She's Here!

Martin and I couldn't be happier to welcome our new addition to the family.  Rose finally decided to make her appearance last week, late Monday, officially arriving into this world early Tuesday morning.  We are falling more in love with her everyday, and couldn't be more excited for this chapter!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 39

Week|  39

Due Date| August 15, 2015, this Saturday!!

Total Weight Gain| Well I made up for not gaining anything last week, I have officially hit the plus 50 lb mark, boo.

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| Unfortunately I am having no symptoms that might indicate that labor is in the near future, but I know you never know.  I've been having some crazy acid reflux lately, mostly in the middle of the night.  I end up having to prop myself almost upright to end up falling back asleep.

Cravings|  The sugar cravings are definitely going strong, I need to start to curb myself and get back into some better eating habits!

Sleep|  I totally jinxed myself last week.  I slept for nearly 12 hours on Saturday night, I don't even know the last time I did that.  I looked at the clock in the morning and it was nearly 10 am, I have no idea the last time I slept that late - and I'm sure it won't be happening any time again in the next several years!  Then everything changed and now I've been waking up like a million times a night.  The newest thing is I feel like I've been asleep half the night when I wake up the first time, and then when I look at the clock I realize I've only been asleep for about an hour. 

Clothes| Dresses and yoga pants, that is all.

Workouts| Totally non existent!

Nursery|  This is the room our little girl will be coming home to, excited to finally get to put it to use.  Hopefully sooner than later!

Movement|  It's almost been changing week by week, you can definitely tell she's getting cramped in there.  Generally the movements are very subtle, though every once in a while I'll get a good heel to the side which is starting to get slightly painful.

Best Moment this Week|  Probably the 12 hours of sleep I got Saturday night, it was pretty amazing.

Missing|  My clothes, my body, easily being able to move around!

Looking Forward To|  Getting this show on the road!

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Nursery

I know this is the cleanest and neatest this room will ever see, but we are calling it done 'for now'.  I'm sure it will evolve plenty over time as we figure out our actual needs with having a little one, but I love the for now and can't wait to bring her home to her new room.

In case you don't remember back in April we started with our extra room, you can check out the before photos here.  After tearing up the carpet, we installed new laminate floors, added paint, redid the closet, picked out the furniture, built a window seat, and then it was time to put the room back together again.  And here is the final result.

I hope she loves it as much as I do!