Friday, September 25, 2015

Rose | 1 Month

Our sweet girl turned 1 month last Friday - and I seriously can't believe it!  She has already changed sooooo much over these last 4 weeks that she's been with us.  It totally feels like a completely different life now that she's in it, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Nicknames| Sweet girl, Munchkie (apparently that's my take on munchkin), girlfriend

Height & Weight| 9lbs 14 oz, and 22 inches long.  Girlfriend has packed on 2+ pounds since birth, which isn't surprising - she takes after her mom in that regard, she likes to eat!

Food| Right now she is getting 100% of that from me 100% of the time.  But I really can't complain, I love our time together.  The first few days were a little rough, but now we've settled into our groove.  If she's awake she's feeding about every 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  When Rose was about 1 week old I went to see the lactation consultant at the hospital just to make sure we were getting off to a good start and they we're blown away by how much she was already eating at that point.  I kept reading all these things that new moms have concerns with if their baby is getting enough to eat or not, and luckily that is not something I have to even worry about at this time, which is awesome because I was slightly fearful due to the fact that sometimes PCOS can inhibit milk production.

Sleep| This is one department where I am going to consider us extremely blessed.  Our little munchkin is not much of a napper during the day, usually she'll drift off for a bit late morning and maybe a bit here or there in the evening.  Usually if we are out for a walk she will eventually nod off.  But at night, she has truly been an angel baby.  The first few weeks home she was waking up about 2 times a night pretty consistently, and then we had a night where she slept for a 8 hour stretch, only getting up 1 time that night.  Right now we go between 1 and 2 feedings at night, but usually that first stretch of sleep is anywhere from 6-8 hours, and it's amazing!  I'll give her her last feeding between 8-9pm, and then (knock on wood) she goes down in her crib without a fuss and then she's out for a good stretch.

A few weeks before Rose was born I remember telling Martin that I was afraid I was being naive because I kept imagining everything once she got here as being easy and going smoothly and that I knew that in reality babies can be really challenging and hard at times.  But she has seriously been such a little angel.  She is so easy going and calm.  Of course we have our moments, but they have been few and far, and short lived.  We've been enjoying tons of walks with this beautiful weather we have been having, and are just soaking up our time together.  I know we are a bit biased, but she is the sweetest girl and we love her to pieces!

A rare daytime nap in her crib

Attempting to capture one of those sleepy smiles

Full of faces during our walk the other day

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

She's Here!

Martin and I couldn't be happier to welcome our new addition to the family.  Rose finally decided to make her appearance last week, late Monday, officially arriving into this world early Tuesday morning.  We are falling more in love with her everyday, and couldn't be more excited for this chapter!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 39

Week|  39

Due Date| August 15, 2015, this Saturday!!

Total Weight Gain| Well I made up for not gaining anything last week, I have officially hit the plus 50 lb mark, boo.

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| Unfortunately I am having no symptoms that might indicate that labor is in the near future, but I know you never know.  I've been having some crazy acid reflux lately, mostly in the middle of the night.  I end up having to prop myself almost upright to end up falling back asleep.

Cravings|  The sugar cravings are definitely going strong, I need to start to curb myself and get back into some better eating habits!

Sleep|  I totally jinxed myself last week.  I slept for nearly 12 hours on Saturday night, I don't even know the last time I did that.  I looked at the clock in the morning and it was nearly 10 am, I have no idea the last time I slept that late - and I'm sure it won't be happening any time again in the next several years!  Then everything changed and now I've been waking up like a million times a night.  The newest thing is I feel like I've been asleep half the night when I wake up the first time, and then when I look at the clock I realize I've only been asleep for about an hour. 

Clothes| Dresses and yoga pants, that is all.

Workouts| Totally non existent!

Nursery|  This is the room our little girl will be coming home to, excited to finally get to put it to use.  Hopefully sooner than later!

Movement|  It's almost been changing week by week, you can definitely tell she's getting cramped in there.  Generally the movements are very subtle, though every once in a while I'll get a good heel to the side which is starting to get slightly painful.

Best Moment this Week|  Probably the 12 hours of sleep I got Saturday night, it was pretty amazing.

Missing|  My clothes, my body, easily being able to move around!

Looking Forward To|  Getting this show on the road!

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Nursery

I know this is the cleanest and neatest this room will ever see, but we are calling it done 'for now'.  I'm sure it will evolve plenty over time as we figure out our actual needs with having a little one, but I love the for now and can't wait to bring her home to her new room.

In case you don't remember back in April we started with our extra room, you can check out the before photos here.  After tearing up the carpet, we installed new laminate floors, added paint, redid the closet, picked out the furniture, built a window seat, and then it was time to put the room back together again.  And here is the final result.

I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 38

Week|  38

Due Date| August 15, 2015, less than 10 days away!

Total Weight Gain| I actually didn't really gain any this week, first time ever!  I just may swoop in under the plus 50 lb mark, but I'm not holding my breath!

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| Well I got sick for the second time ever this pregnancy, all in all I consider myself pretty lucky.  But bent over a toilet at 38 weeks pregnant isn't exactly my idea of fun.  Luckily I haven't had a repeat occurrence of that and I've generally been feeling pretty decent.  I had a few days where the swelling seemed to be a lot less, my feet actually looked semi normal, but that disappeared again yesterday and I'm back to the typical swelling I've been having.

Cravings|  I could still go for a slushe, though I've cut back from last week.  I definitely had one everyday last week and only one so far this week!

Sleep|  I'm probably going to jinx myself, but the last few nights have been pretty decent.  I think I even went one whole night without getting up for a bathroom break.  There is even a few times where I wake up on the opposite side I remember falling asleep on and don't remember waking up and turning over, which is just crazy to me at this point because turning over is quite a process at this stage in the game.

Clothes| Very limited!  Thank you for spandex.

Workouts| I took the stairs at acupuncture, that counts, right? Ha, that's about the only exercise were seeing these days.

Nursery|  Pictures tomorrow, I said it - so now I have to do it!

Movement|  She is definitely slowing down in there!  Her movements have become a lot more subtle, I have to really be paying attention to feel her wiggling, though every once in awhile there will be a good strong one that comes out.

Best Moment this Week|  Getting our house put back together after last weeks carpet episode.  I'm glad to say all major projects are wrapped up, and most of the major mess is contained.

Missing|  Sleeping in whichever position I desire, and being able to be in any position longer then a few minutes without becoming uncomfortable.

Looking Forward To|  The next chapter, everything is about to change!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nursery: DIY Mobile

I promise nursery pictures are coming soon!  But first I wanted to share my last DIY project for our little girls room.  I'll admit I wrapped this up a few weeks ago, but I just finally got around to getting this post together!  But I am determined to get all of my nursery posts up before she gets here, and well that could really be any day now!  Though I'm thinking we are looking at the later versus the sooner, but we'll see, you never know.

I knew I wanted to incorporate a mobile into the nursery, but I knew with our slopped ceilings it may prevent a little bit of a challenge.  I gathered some inspiration from Pottery Barn Kids and Pinterest and got to work.

This project was super easy and probably came together in just a few hours, minus actually hanging it in the room, which I left to Martin.

I picked up most all of the supplies needed for this mobile at Hobby Lobby.

Supplies Needed:

  • Embroidery hoop, I used a 14'' one
  • 2 types of paper, I used vellum and card stock
  • Glue Dots
  • Craft Punch, mine was a 2.5'' butterfly
  • Trim, enough to cover your hoop
  • Fishing Line
  • Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)
Start by punching out all your little pieces.  Because of the size of my mobile I decided to go with 17 strands, 4  butterflies on each so I needed 68 butterflies punched from each type of paper.

Once I had all my butterflies punched out, I cut my strands of fishing wire they would be hanging from.  I made my lines about 20'', but that is all dependent on how long you are going for.

Then it was time to assemble each strand.  Starting at the bottom of each strand, I spaced the butterflies out about every 4 inches or so.  I used my first one as the template and just eyeballed the rest from there.

I started with a card stock butterfly on the bottom, put a glue dot in the center, ran my fishing line through the glue dot, and then sandwiched it with a vellum butterfly on top.  Though I had 17 strands the assembly went rather quickly.  Then it's time to piece everything together, this was probably the most challenging part of the whole thing.

You will only need the inner ring of the embroidery hoop.  Using your fishing line create a cross on the hoop.  Where the fishing line attaches to the hoop tie attached another piece of fishing line to create the top which you will use to hang it from the ceiling.  I kept these pieces really long since I had no idea at this point exactly what I needed, and it's always easier to go back and trim.

I used a ladder and a clamp to suspend my prepared hoop to make assembly easier.  I started with attached my first string to the center of the cross, and I made this one the longest.  From there I attached 4 more strings on the midway point of each supporting string, half way between the center and the hoop.  These I attached slightly shorter then the center piece.

Finally I attached the remaining 12 strands around the outside of the hoop, 3 per quarter.  These strands I made the shortest.  I first attempted to knot the fishing line, but it just wasn't cutting it, everything was sliding around.  So I ended up securing everything with a drop of hot glue, and that worked perfectly.  I was a little nervous it was going to melt the fishing line, but I did a test run and the line survived.

Once all the strands were strung I simply used my hot glue gun to attach the trim I had found at Hobby Lobby around the top of my hoop, and assembly was complete!

I love that it was so easy and allowed my to incorporate a mobile into the nursery.  We decided to hang it above the chair in the nursery so hopefully she will be able to look up at it when we sit there together.

Stay tuned for the rest of the nursery soon!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 37

Week|  37

Due Date| August 15, 2015

Total Weight Gain| I think this is the first time I only gained what I was supposed to between appointments, granted now my appointments are only one week apart!  I'm still rapidly approaching the plus 50 lb mark!

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| The acid reflux that showed up last week has still been making an appearance, not all the time.  But it's worst when it pops up in the middle of the night and wakes me up, I can't stand the feeling!  I also have some major swelling.  I'm sure this bought of 90 degree weather we're having isn't helping, but I don't even recognize my feet anymore.  I keep telling myself that someday soon I'll be able to wear shoes other then the two pairs of flip flops that currently fit me.

Cravings|  Slushes!  This hot weather has been making me want them more and more, not ice cream or smoothies, but slushes.  Good thing there is a Sonic around the corner from our house!

Sleep|  I've gotten some pretty decent nights sleep lately,  It may have something to do with the fact that I made Martin drag our guest bedroom mattress into the living room floor which has been the coldest part of the house.  I've also started having some crazy vivid dreams which I read can happen towards the end of pregnancy.

Clothes|  I think I'm down to a small handful of dresses that are cutting it in this weather we've been having, my options are getting pretty limited!

Workouts| Now I'm pretty much living in a state of constantly being winded.  Everything leaves me out of breath, so lets just pretend everything is a workout, because it sure as heck feels like it is!

Nursery|  I know I promised some pictures last week, soon!  Remember how I mentioned earlier I made Martin drag our guest mattress into the living room.  Well that also had to do with the fact that the cat had an accident on the guest bedroom carpet one too many times and I decided the carpet in there needed to go.  So last weekend we took everything out of the room and tore up the carpet because I seriously couldn't stand it for another second!  So needless to say our house is in a state of a little bit of crazy right now.

Movement|  I had the official ultrasound this week to document that she was in the right position and though it's harder to see much of her on the screen it was so cool to see her moving her mouth and sticking her tongue in and out.  Now I also know what body parts are where so I'm knowing when it's a kick or a jab.

Best Moment this Week|  Even though it put my house in shambles, getting that carpet out of here was seriously what I needed.  On a plus side in the baby department we also have the car seat officially installed and got it checked off at the police station.

Missing|  Having a choice in clothes, and shoes.  And I've also desperately been missing working out lately, which I never thought I'd really say!

Looking Forward To|  Getting our house back in order!  This weekend, it is happening - it's time to get all of our ducks in a row because the end is getting near!